Resilience Center in Beer-Sheva

After a short breakfast we drove to Beer-Sheva. There is the Resilience Center for the Bedouin community. We were warmly welcomed by Mr Ibrahim Altoona and Ms. Talia Lebanon and received a short introduction to the Resilience Center. Residents in the Gaza region have been subjected to constant physical threats and injuries, damage to infrastructure, community-wide trauma, and deaths for many years. These circumstances trigger anxiety, depression, and PTSD among all segments of the population. The resilience center serves as a focal point for assistance and training in the region. At the resilience centers, residents can receive needed trauma therapy as well as community empowerment and resilience building workshops. Recognizing the high rate of burnout among caregivers, the resilience center also offer workshops to train professionals in self-care. We got a more detailed insight into such a workshop right afterwards. The workshop about self-care and well-being was very impressively and we talked about the necessity of structural help for all helpers in crisis areas.
After the lecture part, we spent the lunch break in an authentic bedouin hospitality. There, the hostess told us her impressive story of how she came to her business.

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