The Team enjoys a free day in Tel Aviv-Yavo

After a successful week in Germany and the plane journey to Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv the previous day, the team had a free day. Some participants of the Summer School chose to spend the day with their families, while others set out early on foot or by bicycle towards the many Tel Aviv beaches. Many team members swam in the Mediterranean Sea or simply enjoyed the atmosphere of the beach and surrounding city.

After watching the sun set in the sea many participants from Germany and Israel met at a local Greek restaurant for a meal. Afterwards most members set through the White City of Tel Aviv, known for its Bauhaus architecture, for an ice cream before heading back to the hotel or their respective homes.

The day was a great opportunity for the German participants to experience Tel Aviv either alone on their trip to the city in the early afternoon or guided by some of the Israeli participants. Most importantly, all members could gain some valuable rest for the coming days of the Summer School.

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