Visit to Jerusalem

The day started with a very interesting lecture on “Resilient populations during adversities – Lessons learned from Covid-19 pandamic & the Ukrainian war” by Prof. Dr. Bruria Adini and Dr. Einav Levy. We discussed the different types of resilience and the results of an interesting survey on resilience. Through questionnaires and group work we found factors influencing our personal resilience.

In the second lecture, “Decision Making Under Uncertainty” by Moran Bodas, MPH, PhD. We discussed and learned that decision making is prone to external influence. We learned about cognitive heuristics and focussing the anchoring effect and loss aversion. 

After lunch we took the bus to Jerusalem, where we got a guided tour in the old city of Jerusalem. We visited the holiest places of Christianity, the beautiful alleys of Jerusalem and the western wall. After a wonderful tour, we ended the day with dinner together in Jerusalem and a short visit to the famous Jerusalem market. What a wonderful day!

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